Set of 5 Coffee Cups and Saucers

Royal Albert Old Country Roses

A set of five Royal Albert Old Country Roses coffee cups and saucers plus one extra saucer.

Each coffee cup measures approximately 3 inches in diameter and stands 2 3/4 inches tall and each saucer measures approximately 4 3/4 inches in diameter.

Please note these are a mixture of backstamps and some pieces do show slight rubbing to the gold in places.

  • Second quality 
    Items classed as seconds have failed one or more of the manufacturer's stringent manual inspections for quality. This may be due to a marginal fault to the shape of the item (e.g. might be slightly lob-sided), the size or weight (e.g. the item might be slightly under or over the specified accepted size/weight), the finish (e.g. any print or decoration might be offset or slightly lighter/darker than the manufacturer's standard), or a number of other aspects that the manufacturer doesn't think is perfect enough. Second-quality items are usually denoted by a mark or scratch through the manufacturer's back stamp, but they are still perfectly functional. If you are happy to accept slightly less-than-perfect quality, seconds can be a good buy, as they are cheaper than their first quality equivalent.
  • Previously owned - signs of wear 
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